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Looking for a flu vaccine?

This is our number one question at the moment. We are getting more phone calls than we can manage to answer!

Delivery of flu vaccines has been delayed nation-wide. Please be patient. There is no rush to get your vaccine, as the level of circulating influenza is much lower than normal this year.

Please click the button above to register your interest in the flu vaccine. We will contact you when vaccines are back in stock.

We politely request that you don’t keep calling us about the flu vaccines as we are also continuing to care for those that need appointments for other medical concerns. Keep an eye on this website, our Facebook site, and we you will not miss out.

Our response to the COVID-19 crisis

We can help with all coronavirus related concerns, and refer you for testing or treatment if needed.

But we also remain your family doctor, and we will take the time to manage new or ongoing health issues.

Westcare is open for business: telehealth consultations now available

We use Coviu to connect you directly with your doctor from home or work. Click the link we will send you to enter the video call. No software is required, just a smartphone or laptop with camera. If you don’t have a camera we will contact you by telephone.

Flu Vaccine Information 2020

We have had some deliveries of government and private flu vaccines, and are running flu clinics.

Things might look a little different this year as strict social distancing measures will apply.

You are eligible for a government-funded vaccine (no cost to you) if you are: Over 65 years old, Under 5 years old, A person with a chronic disease, Pregnant, An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island person.

Everyone else can also have a vaccine, and we are charging $15.

Please be patient if you can’t get in straight away. We have started pretty early in the season and there is plenty of time to get your vaccine. We have ordered as many vaccines as we can get our hands on, but delivery dates are uncertain.


Please contact us with your questions, or if you have any symptoms of concern. Social distancing measures apply in and around our medical centre for your safety.

Stay safe!

Take simple precautions to reduce your risk. Wash your hands frequently. Stay at home unless it is essential to go out. Isolate yourself and wear a mask if you are unwell.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances or for personal advice.

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